Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair

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Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
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    Key Benefits

    • Advanced 3D Technology
    • Negative Ions
    • Adjustable Shoulder Width
    • Manual Calf Kneading Control
    • L-Track Massage
    • Full Body Air Massage
    • Auto Body Scan
    • Heat on Lumbar
    • Unique Foot Roller Massage
    • Two Step Zero Gravity Mode
    • Extendable Footrest and Adjustable Calf Position
    • 23 Auto Massage Programs
    • 5 Massage Styles
    • Space Saving Technology
    • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers
    • Easy to Use Touch Screen LCD Remote
    • Side Controller
    • USB Connector


    The Osaki OS-Pro First Class utilizes dual-track technology to deliver the most reliable massage experience. Starting at the base of your head, the L Track deeply massages the entire back, glutei and upper things while the S Track ensures the roller follows the natural curve of the spine for optimal safety and relaxation.

    Benefit: Feel the intense and rejuvenating massage all over your body.



    Cutting edge 3D technology offers extraordinary flexibility and range, allowing users to control the length of rollers extending from the backrest with five levels of intensity control.

     Benefit: Feel the love wherever the rollers touch! 3D massage rollers make sure your massage is deep and thorough.



    Upon initial activation, the chair will conduct an automatic body scan, and set custom parameters which allow for precise, consistent massages for users of any height.

    Benefit: Make sure the massage is tailored to your unique body!



    Utilizing NASA inspired technology, this Zero Gravity setting aligns the back and thighs, providing the proper position while your bodyweight deepens the massage. This feature improves spinal compression by reducing pressure on the spine and decreasing muscular tension. Two stages offer full recline or the second setting where the feet rest above the heart, increasing blood flow and deepening the massage experience.

    Benefit: Get major health benefits with the scientifically backed best position for relaxation!


    The OS-Pro First Class utilizes three rollers under the feet to focus on acupressure points with a soothing, kneading massage. As the rollers s[in airbags inflate, creating consistent pressure for a deep foot massage.

    Benefit: Healthier feet, longer walks, faster runs!


    The OS Pro First Class comes equipped with negative air ionization technology which is used by some for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder, mild depression and many other issues.

    Benefit: Keep your body happy and healthy!



    The Osaki OS Pro First Class is re-engineered and has been developed utilizing next-generation airbag massage technology to deliver the deepest massage experience. By reducing the number of airbags but increasing their surface area and volume, engineers mitigated mechanical needs making the OS Pro First Class one of the most mechanically durable chairs on the market.

    Benefit: Intense relaxation and heavy personalization to find the best massage for you.


    Unlike the other larger and bulky chairs around the market needing as much as 3 feet behind them to fully recline, the Titan's innovative team of engineers have decreased that to merely 1.5 inches necessary behind the headrest for full recline. As the headrest moves back, the chair moves forward, making this the ideal chair for those looking to save space.

    Benefit: Awesome for home decor! 


    The intuitive touch screen tablet features an easy to view screen which allows you to choose the perfect manual or automatic program.

    Benefit: Easy, simple to use.



    Four distinct categories offer 23 unique massage programs to deliver the best massage for a wide range of needs.

    • VIP: Stress Relief, Energizing, Healthy Sleep Patterns, Joint ache relief, Shoulder and Spine Massage.
    • Healthcare: Office recovery, Sports recovery, Brain stimulation, Spine, Waist, and Leg regimens.
    • Specialty: Recharge, Treatment for the Meridian, Promote fitness, Muscle toning, Restorative Massage, Anti- Fatigue.
    • Relaxation: Stretching programs, Thai massage, Total relaxation, Chinese Massage, Airbag massage.


    Manually control mode, position, width, speed, and backstretch while also managing the airbags, foot rollers, and timer settings. Each category has several options like control of the Upper Air, Foot Roller, Lower Air, Calf Knead, Foot Roller. 



    The foot and calf massagers are capable of making the necessary adjustments to ensure proper extension and concentration on the correct area. When you start your massage, the leg extender will fully extend and start retracting. When it reaches the desired length, simply tap your toes to stop it.



    Simply touch the screen and activate the lower lumbar heat therapy during a massage program. Heating the body during a massage will increase blood flow and increase circulation.



    Seamlessly connect to the Bluetooth enabled speakers and tune out other noises and distractions for an even deeper state of relaxation.



    Enjoy your massage while conveniently charging your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB device.



    Conveniently located on the side panel the quick control allows you complete control with the touch of a button.

    Manufacturer Osaki
    Country of Manufacture China
    Roller Type 3D
    Roller Length 50"
    Roller Track Type L-Track
    Roller Width Adjustment Yes
    Roller Glute Massage Yes
    Roller Speed Adjustment Yes
    Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
    Removable Back Pad Yes
    Body Scan Technology Yes
    Foot Rollers Yes
    Recline Power
    Zero Gravity 3 Positions
    Inversion Therapy No
    Auto Programs 23 Automatic Programs
    Stretch Program Yes
    Deep Tissue Massage Yes
    Massage Techniques Kneading, Flapping, Swedish, Grasping and Shiatsu
    Manual Programs Yes
    Spot/Partial Massage Yes
    Memory Setting Yes
    Vibration No
    Heat Lumbar
    Total Airbags 24
    Air Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Hip and Thigh, Seat, Upper Arm and Shoulder
    Airbag Intensity Adjustments Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic
    Hideaway Ottoman No
    Timer Setting 5 to 30 Minutes
    MP3 Player Yes
    Remote Type Tablet Remote
    Chromotherapy No
    Upholstery Synthetic Leather
    Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 63"L x 30"W x 46.5"H
    Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 72"L x 30"W x 41"H
    Height Range 5'0" - 6'0"
    Recommended Weight (lbs) 285lbs.
    Weight 311lbs
    Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
    Big Box Size (L" x W" x H") Main Chair Body
    Big Box Contents Not Available
    Small Box Size (L" x W" x H") Ottoman, Side Panels
    Small Box Contents Not Available
    Shipping Weight 353lbs


    Osaki 3 Year Warranty

    Osaki guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first 3 years of ownership, excluding specific limitations. Osaki covers Parts, Labor, and Structural Framework for the 1st year of ownership, Parts and Structural Framework for the 2nd year, and the Structural Framework for the 3rd years.

    You may receive service advice by contacting the Osaki Customer Service department toll-free at 1-888-848-2630.

    Osaki 4 Year Extended Limited Warranty

    The 4 Year Extended Limited Warranty adds an additional year of in-home service parts and labor, an additional year on parts, and an additional year of coverage on the framework to the standard Osaki Warranty. The first 2 years Osaki provides in-home service covering both parts and labor. The 3rd year Osaki covers Parts and Framework, and the 4th year covers the Framework.

    Osaki 4 Year Extended Limited Warranty

    The 5 Year Extended Limited Warranty adds an additional 2 years of in-home service parts and labor, an additional two years on parts, and an additional two years of coverage on the framework the standard Osaki Warranty. The first 3 years Osaki provides in-home service covering both parts and labor. The 4th year Osaki covers Parts and Framework, and the 5th year covers the framework.

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