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Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade B

Next level massage chair

We're still exploring all of the features, but we love our chair!!! You gotta find the intensity control bc it can be a bit much on the calves, but other than that, it is amazing!!!

Comfortable chair.

I like this chair it has a lot of nice features but I think the remote is a challenge to use.

Great chair :)

easy assembly great product

Infinity Celebrity Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade A
Brie Stephens
Infinity Massage Chair!

These chairs are unbelievable! I have sat in those chairs at Brookstone and ones they have to try in the mall. After experiencing those I thought that would be nice to have but not necessary. But after having sat in the elite Infinity massage chairs its not nice, its amazing, and is 110% a NEED not just a want. What their chairs can do is unlike anything I've ever sat in. I would trade in a lifetime of spa massages to have one of these chairs for myself. I recommend all to try them out and I guarantee after sitting in one you will have to buy it.

Kyota Kaizen M680 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade A
Camilia Se
Great experience

Excellent thank you so much! Fast Delivery

Kyota Kaizen M680 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade A
M680 review

Got Massage Chair Kyota 3D 40 days ago, love it every day more. Great seller communication, speedy delivery, very well packed, trustworthy seller. I recommend it for the investment in your health and joy.

Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade A
Les Noble
Love this Chair!

Fantastic experience and an amazing massage chair. I purchased the Kyota Yosei M868 after having a horrible experience with another chair from a large wholesaler. It was returned twice within a month after arriving damaged. The chair is amazing and makes me feel great.

Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade A
Kyota Yosei Massage Chair

The Kyota Yosei gave me the best massage when I tried it and I loved the quality of the chair. I loved the heat in the chair. The foot and calf massage was unbelievable. The decompression stretch was great for my back and really helped! The 4 dimensional back massage rollers were second to none and gave me the ability to adjust the intensity when I needed to. It really gave me a full body massage that I loved. If anyone is looking for a great chair you will not go wrong with the Kyota Yosei!

Works well!

East to setup. While it fits me at 74”, I have to push down on my feet to get past the aping loaded leg height system or not get a good knee squeeze. The heat works fine. The pillow is one size fits all so tall people may have to lift it up to get a neck massage. Customer service was easy and helpful. There are some auto programs that I’m unable to adjust the 3d feature to lessen the force. Speakers worked fine with Bluetooth. Overall, it does a good massage and yes, it works the feet well.

Thank you

As described. Thanks for the the sale.

Infinity Evolution massage chair is amazing

Infinity Evolution massage chair is amazing

Kyota Kaizen M680 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade A
Adesanya Perez
Kyota experience

Great chair, amazing bargain.

Kyota Yutaka M898 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade B
J. Corden
Great chair!

Great seller, like describe

Kyota Genki Massage Chair

We have had our Kyota 380 chair fo a little over a month, and my wife and I both love it. We use it nearly every day and it works even better than expected. Great product!

Kyota products always great

Second Chair Just As Nice As The First, Thanks

Amazing customer service

Great seller and an amazing price. Excellent quality chair. 4D in and out movements really help pop the back and get deeper into tissues. 3 source heat and multi-method calf and foot massage are great. Ionized air system is great for breathing and relaxing and the audio system is setup perfectly for you to hear without affecting people around you. Tons of great programs on the wireless remote and manual settings to fit every need.

Genki M380 massage chair review

This chair lives up to its name. I received it fully assembled. All you do is plug it in and enjoy. Great chair for the money!


I compete in a local triathlon circuit. My end goal is to enter an Ironman Triathlon. Conditioning has been tough but this product came recommended to me by a fellow athlete. 5 out of 5, doesn’t disappoint. This is making my conditioning routine an easier feat. After a long day of training, this is a must in the cool down period.

Personal Foot Masseuse

I love it. It works wonders, relieve pain. It's perfect to come home from a long day of working on your feet. It's so easy to use.. We just turn it on, it's on an auto setting,

Professional performance, fraction of the cost!

I have been in the market for a massage gun for a while now. I didn’t want to waste my money on a cheap low-quality gun, but I also found myself gawking at the $500-800 price tag of the big brand name guns like Hyperice and Theragun. I have tried these expensive guns at my physical therapist, and while they have professional performance specs, their price is way too expensive for the average person like me to afford. What first drew me to the RockerTech was its incredible specs; the power of its 45W motor rivals that of much more expensive guns, it has a 4-hour runtime, comes with all the same massage head attachments, AND has a carry case.

So, I bought the RockerTech Pro gun, and what a great decision that was! I use it every night after a long day at work – it is such a great tool for relieving tightness in my shoulders from sitting at my desk. The biggest mistake I made was telling my family how good it was! Now I must battle with them to use it! My wife is an avid runner and is always using it on her quads, and hamstrings to speed up her recovery, and my son is a tennis player, so he uses it on his forearms. I might have to buy two more to keep the whole family happy!

A Must Have After A Long Day At Work

Couldn't wait to try this out after receiving it. Luckily it came charged already so I was able to put one of the attachments in and get a massage right away. I have been using it almost daily since and it is hard to stop once starting. I mainly focus on my calves and thighs since I spend a lot of time on my feet and walking around for work. My legs feel so much better after a long massage with the flat attachment. Haven't had any leg pains since starting to use this. Have been trying some of the other attachments on my neck and shoulders and it feels great.

Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair Certified Pre-Owned Grade A
Yosei M868 massage chair review

This is the first massage chair I ever bought after trying my friend’s chair and it has been worth every penny. My back tightens up after sitting at work all day and this totally works to loosen it up and help me sleep better. I feel 20 years younger!

Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness! I had no idea of what a treasure a massage chair could be. It has made sleep much easier to come by and also can help get me going in the morning. I could not recommend these chairs more. Treat yourself. You’re worth it!

Amazing Item

Thank you! For the first time I'm able to pinpoint specific trouble areas. Great product hands down. I'm very please. It's well built and I enjoy all the attachments. Finally a massage gun I enjoy and results are soo rewarding. This is one massager I'll be using a lot.