Johnson Wellness FM120 Heated Foot Massager

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    Key Benefits

    • Feel Extreme Comfort

      • Foot Roller 
      • Compression on the forefoot
      • Infrared Heat 
      • Adjustable Massage Strength 
      • 3 Auto Courses 
      • Machine Washable Fabric 
      • Reflexology 
      • Light Weight 
      • Easy to Use

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      Description of Key Benefits

      Have you been on your feet the whole day feeling so tired that all you wanted to do is get a foot massage? Well, Johnson Wellness Foot Massager is the perfect solution for you. The infrared heated mechanism is great if you have plantar fasciitis or any other muscle pain in their feet. This massager has a mechanical foot roller, not a vibration plate as found in other foot massagers on the market. The features of the machine such as the rollers on the sole of the foot, compression on the forefoot, reflexology, adjustable massage intensity, multiple programs, and infrared heat help alleviate pain in the feet unlike anything else you can possibly try. The fabric materials are removable and washable so you can keep it clean all the time. You can also try this tip - turn on the heater a little bit before you start so that it warms up for you and when you step in you will immediately feel the nice, melting warmth of the massager.

      Enjoy pain-free feet with Johnson Wellness Foot Massager, a top-of-the-line foot massager that you will surely like.


      4D Massage Roller

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair 4DLike the 3D massage roller, the 4D massage is able to move up and down along with in and out. The in and out motion adds another humanistic movement to the kneading and allows you finer control over the intensity of the massage. The Japanese designed 4D massage roller of the Johnson Wellness J6800 adds a variation of speed to the movement which feels very life like.

      Benefit: So you get the most human like massage experience possible. The 4D allows you to adjust heat and intensity of the rollers which will take your massage experience to the next level. This is the closest massage experience to having a real life masseuse at your home, except the massage chair is available to you 24/7.


      Dual Massage Head System

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair Dual Massage Head SystemMany massage chairs on the market use a quad style roller. The best high end massage chairs use a dual massage head system instead like the Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair. The dual head allows for more massage techniques and more precise superior deep tissue massage.

      Benefit: So you get the deepest, most intense massage that rejuvenates your entire body to take on the world. What's amazing about the J6800 though is that the Dual Massage Head System enables this deep and intense massage, but the chair provides customization and adjustability (see below) so that the same system can use its precision with less intensity if that's what you want. 


      Foot Heat Therapy

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Foot Heat Therapy

      Located in the footwells of the Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair are heat pads. The heat helps to remove tension build up in your feet.




      Benefit: So no part of your body feels left out. Many massage chairs either disregard the calves and feet area, or provide a simple solution for your feet. The J6800 ensures that when you come home from a long day's work, you get the ideal heat therapy to revitalize your feet and get ready for the night or the next day. The heat therapy feels amazing and we highly recommend it to folks who walk a lot, or anyone wanting to keep their bodies fit for a long time.


      Heating Pad

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair heating pad There is a heating pad that is supplied with the J6800. You can use it wherever you need need heat applied for maximum therapy benefit. You can use it on your back or it can be wrapped over your shoulders and arms/hands.

      Benefit: So you can feel that energizing warmth at the next level and awaken the cells in your body. The heating pad is a very unique feature to the J6800, and not found in even many of the best massage chairs. The heating pad lets you simply cozy up in warmth... imagine a hug of warmth just embracing you, that's what it feels like. When you're surrounded by so much warmth across your body, you're empowered to feel new levels of physical and mental relaxation. 


      Advanced Air Compression Massage

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair air compression TheThe Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair is equipped with 31 airbags located in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet. The Pulse Air Massage system stimulates muscle fibers and enhances circulation. The compression will help to relax your body while providing relief to painful areas.

      Benefit: So your massage never gets boring and stays exciting throughout. With so many air bags all over, inflating & deflating at different times, you can never really get used to or bored of this massage. These air bags also have health benefits as they empower your body to feel relaxed. If you really do get used to it though, check out the next feature!


      11 Automatic Programs

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Automatic ProgramsThe Johnson Wellness J6800 comes with 11 automatic programs to provide therapeutic relief for almost any need. Find relief with Refresh, Relax, Shiatsu, Morning, Night, Stretch, Energize, Shoulder, Lower Back, Quick, and Music Sync programs.

      Benefit: So you get to choose from a diverse range of medically proven massage techniques. Some of these techniques are historically proven and go back to ancient times (obviously back when humans had to give the massage ... not a massage chair). This will empower you to receive the health benefits of different massage techniques all at your fingertip. 

      Power Recline and Power Ottoman

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair Power Recline and OttomanWith the touch of the button, you are able to recline the Johnson Wellness J6800 to 160 degrees. The ottoman can also be raised to put you in a perfect position for massage and relaxation. Pressing the power button will reset the massage chair to the upright position.


      Benefit: So you are in an ideal position to experience relaxation across your body. 

      Auto Recline Armrest

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair Auto Recline ArmrestWhen you recline the massage chair, the armrests will also follow back to ensure proper placement of your arms while in the reclined position.

      Benefit: So your arms are always in the most comfortable position and feel revitalized by the end of the massage. Not having a proper armrest is one of the most annoying things, but Inner Balance ensures that your arms are always placed at the position you desire. 

      Body Scan Technology

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Body Scan TechnologyThe body scan technology of the Johnson J6800 massage chairs uses up to 11 different pressure points to customize your massage experience to the contours of your neck, shoulders and back. The body scan will customize the massage to your body shape and size.

      Benefit: So your massage is customized and adjusted based on your body and back. This technology enables you to experience the ideal massage based for your specific back. This means, when your family or friends use the chair, they'll have their own personalized experiences based on their backs, and you'll have your own. Fujimedic understands that there's no "one size fits all" solution: each massage is tailored to each individual's body type. 


      Memory Programs

      Johnson Wellness J6800  memory programsThere are 3 memory slots that allow you to create your very own massage experience and save it. Once saved, you can recall that very program at the touch of a button. Memory programs are generally found only on high end massage chairs.

      Benefit: So you can feel rejuvenated everyday without any effort, by simply choosing your favorite massage settings in a second. Sometimes, after playing around with a bunch of settings and options (let's be honest we don't keep track when we're playing around), you find that optimal, perfect scenario that gives you immense relaxation, and you just wish you could use this setting forever. With the J6800, you can save that setting and forget the hassle of remembering what you clicked to reach this perfect massage. 


      9 Massage Techniques

      Johnson Wellness J6800 massage techniques You can customize your massage experience by choosing one of 9 different massage techniques including kneading, tapping, rhythm tapping, kneading & tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, rolling, sideways kneading, up-down kneading. You can choose a full body massage, or just focus on one specific area.

      Benefit: So you can spot target specific areas that are important to you, and equip yourself with the tools to remain healthy and active for life. Whether your back is feeling a little sore, or your feet are more tired than normal, you have the power to adjust based on your preferences. 


      Highly Adjustable

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair AdjustabilityThe Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair is very adjustable. The massage intensity can be adjust through 5 levels for a light massage to a deep tissue massage experience. The airbags have 3 levels of strength adjustment. The roller width can be adjust from narrow to wide to accommodate almost any body width. You can also turn of each section of the airbags independently giving you finer control over your massage.

      Benefit: So the possibilities for your massage are endless. With each person having different needs and preferences (you might want a deep focus on your back, your family member or friend might want an extremely intense foot massage), you have the option to customize the best massage for yourself. What's even better is that your not restricted to one massage technique! Want to go Swedish on your neck but Chinese on your feet? You can do that. Seriously, how can you ever get used to the Inner Balance J6800 massage chair? 


      Easy Remote Control

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair remote control The remote control of the Johnson Wellness J6800 is a handheld LCD style remote. The controls are very straightforward and simple to operate. The LCD display shows you what is going on with your massage and where the massage roller current position is. A large timer shows you how much time is left in your massage.

      Benefit: So you can control your massage at the tip of your fingertips. The simple remote control ensures that controlling your massage is as easy as possible.


      Convertible Ottoman

      Johnson Wellness J6800  convertible ottoman The ottoman of the Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair flips inward to hide the calf massager. This is ideal if you play to use your massage chair as a recliner in your home.

      Benefit: So your massage chair can look super nice and fancy when the guests come over and not have the calf massager (bottom part) sticking out. This not only saves space, but gives your massage the added functionality of being used as a normal chair that you can sit on without using the massage features. 


      Music Integration

      Johnson Wellness J6800 music You can connect any music player to the auxiliary jack and play music through the speakers located on the side of the headrest. You can even choose a program that will sync the massage roller to the beat of your music.

      Benefit: So you can take a break from life and go into your own world with your favorite music. The J6800 takes music to the next level by adjusting to the beat, which we find absolutely incredible. Seriously, you'll be tempted to stay on the massage chair for hours. 


      Adjustable Footrest

      Johnson Wellness J6800 Adjustable FootrestThe footrest utilizes airbags to massage your calf muscles, as well as the instep and soles of your feet. The stationary Shiatsu nodes on the bottom of your feet work in conjunction with the airbags to provide relief. The footrest also extends an additional 6” to accommodate taller users.

      Benefit: So your feet are always in the most comfortable position and feel rejuvenated by the end of the massage. Not having a proper footrest is one of the most annoying things, but Inner Balance ensures that your feet are always placed at the position you desire. 



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