Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair

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Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair
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    Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair

    Comes with Free Johnson Wellness' 3 Year Warranty ($299 Value) & Free White Glove Delivery Option ($200 Value)


    Key Benefits

    • Feel Extreme Comfort

      • 4D Massage Roller
      • Dual Massage Head System
      • Heating Pad
      • Foot Heat Therapy
      • Advanced Air Compression Massage
      • 11 Automatic Massage Programs
      • Power Recline & Power Ottoman
    • Personalized for your Body

      • Body Scan Technology
      • Memory Programs
      • 9 Adjustable Massage Techniques
      • Highly Adjustable
      • Easy Remote Control
    • Perfect for Home Decor

      • Convertible Ottoman
      • Music Integration (Sync massage to the beat of your music)
      • Adjustable Footrest


    Our Experts' Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair Review:

    Mana Nickname: The Chameleon*

    Because the J6800 will give you one of the most intensely deep and satisfying massages in the market, yet stylishly blends into your living room and furniture like a "normal" chair.

    The Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair provides one of the deepest, most intense, and relaxing massage experiences in the market. Their deep tissue massage technique, complemented by their state of the art dual massage head system (see below for details) makes this chair stand out from most in the market. Basically, the massage goes deep. The Johnson Wellness 4D massage technique delivers an insanely human like experience, as close to a human as a massage chair can get. The 4D massage rollers allow the chair to adjust their intensity, rhythm, pressure, and deepness in the middle of the massage. Johnson Wellness has really perfected their 4D massage and is extremely precise, it'll hit the right spots and hit exactly where you tell the chair to focus on. Another thing we love is that the chair can tuck away its bottom part (the calf massage) and look like a very fancy, and stylish "normal" chair. By "normal" we mean that if guests are coming over or you have a serious gathering, and you want to make sure that it isn't obvious that you have a massage stair sticking out in your living room, then the J6800 is the perfect solution. This feature also helps save space, which makes the J6800 look like an extremely elegant chair that complements your living room.  

    We highly recommend the Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair to anyone looking to feel instantly revitalized and experience an instant boost of energy with one of the most intense, sophisticated, yet relaxing massage techniques in the market. The J6800 is perfect for working adults, athletes, students, senior folk, or anyone looking to feel extremely relaxed. 


    4D Massage Roller

    Johnson Wellness J6800 4D massage chair

    The Johnson J6800 uses 4D massage rollers that can move up, down, left, right, in, out and provide custom speed and intensity. 

    Benefit: Feel the love wherever the rollers touch! 4D ensure the most human like experience as possible.  


    Dual Massage Head System

    johnson j6800 massage chair dual head system

    The dual head system gives a deeper, more intense and precise massage to penetrate the tissues and soothe the muscles. You can adjust the intensity of the dual massage based on how strong you like it.

    Benefit: Feel a deep, intense, and powerful massage that rejuvenates your head.


    Heating Pad

     johnson j6800 massage chair heat

    The heating pad is a very unique feature to the J6800, not found in many of the best massage chairs. You can wrap the heat pad around your upper body to cozy up and hug yourself with warmth.

    Benefit: Warm, cozy, personal, and therapeutic massage.


    Foot Heat Therapy 

    johnson j6800 foot heat massage

    The Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair features heat pads to keep your calves and feet warm throughout the massage.

    Benefits: Happier and more energetic feet, feel empowered to walk and run more!


    Advanced Air Compression Massage

    johnson j6800 massage chair airbags

    The Johnson Wellness J6800 massage chair is fitted with 31 airbags all over: from the shoulders to the feet. The airbags inflate and deflate all through the duration of a massage. The air compression can help relieve tension in the muscles, stimulate the muscle fibres and improve blood circulation in the body.

    Benefit: Feel the love of the massage all over your body!

    11 Automatic Programs

    johnson j6800 massage chair automatic programs shiatsu

    The 11 programs in the J6800 are: Morning, Night, Energize, Quick, Refresh, Relax, Shiatsu, Stretch, Shoulder, Lower Back and Music Sync. Each program has a unique combination of massage techniques and target areas. 

    Benefit: Endless options, personalize and never get bored!


    Memory Programs

    Create your own massage profile with your favorite massage techniques and specifications, while saving up to 3 massage profiles.

    Benefit: Find out and play your favorite massage on repeat!

    9 Adjustable Massage Techniques

    The J6800 offers 9 professional massage techniques: kneading, sideways kneading, up-down kneading, kneading & tapping, tapping, rhythm tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, rolling. You can chose different techniques to use on different body parts during the same massage! The intensity can be configured in 5 levels from a deep and intense massage to soft and gentle one. The rollers can be widened or narrowed depending on the body type of the user while the airbags on the other hand have 3 levels of strength configuration.

    Benefit: Get the medically proven health benefits of the professional techniques while endlessly customizing the massage!


    Power Recline and Power Ottoman

    Johnson j6800 recline

    The J6800 can recline up to 160° with the power button. The power recline raises the ottoman to put the massage chair in an almost flat lying position, the ideal and most relaxing position for a full body massage.

    Benefit: Find your favorite position and enjoy it!

    Body Scan Technology

    synca body scan

    The Johnson J6800 massage chair 11 different pressure points to perform a full body scan on you. This scan helps the massage chair offer a personalized massage customized for your body so it can touch all the right body parts.

    Benefit: Tailor the massage to your unique body!


    Easy Remote Control

    j6800 remote control

    The Johnson Wellness J6800 massage robot comes with a slim handheld remote controller designed with an LCD display. 

    Benefit: Easy, simple, & fun to use!


    Convertible Ottoman

    johnson j6800 convertible ottoman

    The ottoman is designed to be tucked in to conceal the calf massager when needed the chair. When converted, the massage chair looks like a high end recliner. 

    Benefit: Save space and enhance your home decor!


    Adjustable Footrest

    The footrest can be extended up to 6" to allow users with longer legs to enjoy the massage.


    Music Integration

    j6800 massage chair music

    Connect your phone to listen to your favorite music from speakers on both sides of the headrest. You can even sync the massage rollers to the beat of the songs!

    Benefit: Ultimate relaxation with the massage syncing to your favorite music!

    Manufacturer Johnson Wellness
    Country of Manufacture China
    Roller Type 4D
    Roller Length 30"
    Roller Track Type S-Track
    Roller Width Adjustment Yes
    Roller Glute Massage No
    Roller Speed Adjustment No
    Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
    Removable Back Pad Yes
    Body Scan Technology Yes
    Foot Rollers Acupoint Nodes
    Recline Power
    Zero Gravity No
    Inversion Therapy No
    Auto Programs 11 Auto Programs
    Stretch Program Yes
    Deep Tissue Massage Yes
    Massage Techniques Kneading, tapping, rhythm tapping, kneading & tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, rolling, sideways kneading, up-down kneading
    Manual Programs Yes
    Spot/Partial Massage Yes
    Memory Setting Yes
    Vibration No
    Heat Foot, Front, Lumbar
    Total Airbags 31
    Air Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Hip and Thigh, Seat, Upper Arm and Shoulder
    Airbag Intensity Adjustments Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic
    Hideaway Ottoman Yes
    Timer Setting 15 Minutes
    MP3 Player No
    Remote Type Slim LCD Remote
    Chromotherapy No
    Upholstery Synthetic Leather
    Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 53.25"L x 35.1"W x 48.5"H
    Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 73.75"L x 35.1"W x 36.75"H
    Height Range 5'0" - 6'2"
    Recommended Weight (lbs) 300lbs.
    Weight 213.5lbs.
    Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
    Big Box Size (L" x W" x H") 61"L x 42"W x 29"H
    Big Box Contents Everything
    Small Box Size (L" x W" x H") Not Applicable
    Small Box Contents Not Applicable
    Shipping Weight 253lbs.

    Johnson Wellness 3 Year Limited Warranty

    Johnson Wellness covers the their massage chairs with a 3 Year Limited Warranty that includes 3 years of in-home service, 3 years of parts, and 3 years of structural framework.


    If you need service on your Johnson Wellness Massage Chair, please call their Customer Service at 1-877-217-2862

    Customer Reviews

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    Really Loved it!

    I absolutely love the heating options of this chair, it really relaxes your muscles in such a soothing way. The flipping footrest is a really handy feature, since we can just flip the calf massager over to look like a normal chair whenever guests come over. I strongly recommend this chair!