JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair

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JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair
JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair
JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair
JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair
JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair
Fujimedic Kumo 4D Massage Chair
Fujimedic Kumo 4D Massage Chair
JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair
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    JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair

    Comes with Free JPMedics's 5 Year Extended Warranty ($699 Value) & Free White Glove Delivery Option ($200 Value)

    Key Benefits

    • Feel Extreme Comfort

      • 4D Massage Heated Rollers
      • Zero Gravity Massage
      • L-Track Massage Technology
      • Heated Knee Therapy
      • Advanced Feet Reflexology
      • Advanced Air Compression Massage
      • 12 Automatic Massage Programs
      • Power Recline & Ottoman
    • Personalized for your Body

      • Advanced Back Scanning Sensor
      • Custom Massage Mode
      • 9 Massage Techniques
      • Highly Adjustable
      • Intuitive Touch Screen Tablet Remote
      • Quick Access Button & Intensity Dial
    • Perfect for Home Decor

      • Space Saving Design
      • Exceptional Overall Design
      • LED Light Therapy
      • Bluetooth Speaker Sound System

    Our Experts' JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair Review: 

    Mana Nickname: The Instant Zen

    The JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair is designed with Japanese detail and perfection. Its custom massage mode allows you to pick and choose exactly which spots you want to relax, and how (which massage style for each spot). Don't want to make all these decisions? That's fine because the 12 automatic programs give you a diverse range of massage styles to make sure every part of your body gets the revitalization and energy it deserves. The Kumo can combine its massage with  chromotherapy LED light therapy to uplift your mood, increase your metabolism, and promote detoxification. What's that? Chromotherapy LED light therapy basically aims to restore balance in your body by applying color, and has been used since ancient times to treat many body conditions. Combine that with the bluetooth sounds system and your well positioned to receive an instant energy boost. 

    We highly recommend the Kumo for you if you want your Mana instantly revitalized and live a better quality of life over time. It's the perfect chair for athletes, corporates, or anyone who wants to feel relaxed after a long days work. 

    4D Massage Heated Rollers

    JPmedics Kumo 4D massage chair

    The JPMedics Kumo comes with 4D massage rollers that move up, down, left, right, in, out and provide customizable speed, intensity, and adjustable heat levels. 

    Benefit: Feel the love wherever the rollers touch! 4D ensure the most human like experience possible. 

    Zero Gravity Massage

    JPMedics Kumo zero gravity massage chair

    The zero gravity position was developed by NASA - the chair reclines to the point where your entire body weight is supported. This puts your body in the perfect position to relax and makes the massage more effective. This position has been proven to reduce back pain, reduce swelling, improve breathing, decompress the spine, and enhance your overall health.

    Benefit: Get major health benefits with the scientifically backed best position for relaxation!


    L-Track Massage Technology

    JPMedics Kumo L track massage chair

    L-track technology allows the rollers to not only move along your neck and spine, but also down your glutes and hamstring.

    Benefit: Feel the depth of the massage to relax your entire body. 


    Heated Knee Therapy

    Benefit: So no part of your body feels left out. Many massage chairs either disregard the calves and feet area, or provide a simple solution for your lower body. The Kumo ensures that the intense heat therapy option is available to your knee, calves, and feet as well. When you come home from a long day's work, this is the ideal massage chair to rejuvenate your lower body and get ready for the night or the next day. The heated knee therapy feels amazing and we highly recommend it to folks who walk a lot, or anyone wanting to keep their bodies fit for a long time. 


    Advanced Feet Reflexology

    JPMedics Kumo foot massage

    The JPMedics Kumo comes with tri-action foot rollers which work at 2 levels of shiatsu foot rolling with a high level of air pressure to create a relaxing deep tissue foot massage.

    Benefits: Happier, more energetic feet: ready to walk and run more!


    Advanced Air Compression Massage

    The Kumo has 64 airbags, strategically positioned around the chair to deflate and inflate during the massage.

     Benefit: Feel the love all around your body, a true full body experience!


    12 Automatic Programs

    The JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair comes with 12 massage programs which are:

    Stretch - Uses a combination of rolling, tapping and air compression to stretch the muscles in your back and legs.

    Demo - Combines the best features of all 13 programs into a 5 minute session.

    Spine Care - Uses a deep massage technique combined with air compression to loosen the muscles in the lower back.

    Gentle - Offers a soft and gentle back and shoulder massage using a variety of massage techniques including tapping.

    Joint Care - Applies intense pressure to massage the joints on the feet and legs, while using its rollers to knead and soothe the back muscles.

    Relax - Provides a soft massage session to help you relax and sleep.

    Swedish - Starts from the neck and goes down to the glutes using a mild rocking motion.

    Vigorous - Combines intense tapping with air compression to massage the thighs and legs.

    Thai - Focuses on relaxing tensed muscles, improving blood flow and relieving body pains.

    Japanese - Uses the shiatsu technique to create an acupressure effect while focusing on the back and shoulders.

    Chinese - Focuses on the back, legs and feet.

    Balinese - Combines the tapping and kneading techniques to massage the back and spine.

    Benefit: No matter which body parts you want to relax, at least one of these 12 medically proven programs will hit the right spot.

    Power Recline and Ottoman

    Fujimedic Kumo power ottoman

    The power recline function allows you to decline the backrest to your preferred position for the massage, with the touch of a button.

    Benefit: Lie back and relax however you like!


    Advanced Back Scanning Sensor

     Fujimedic Kumo body scan

    The JPMedics Kumo massage chair comes with smart sensor technology that scans and customizes the massage to fit your body.

    Benefit: Ensure the massage is tailored to your unique body!


    Custom Massage Mode

    Benefit: So the possibilities for your massage are endless. With each person having different needs and preferences (you might want a deep focus on your back, your family member or friend might want an extremely intense foot massage), you have the option to customize the best massage for yourself. What's even better is that your not restricted to one massage technique! Want to go Swedish on your neck but Chinese on your feet? You can do that. Seriously, how can you ever get used to the Kumo massage chair. 


    Touch Screen Tablet Remote

    jpmedics kumo remote control

    Benefit: So you experience the simplest, easiest to use user interface. The Japanese are known for their minimalistic approach, and the Kumo massage chair's touch interface is geared towards getting where you want with the least touches possible. 


    Quick Access Buttons and Intensity Dial

    jpmedics kumo quick access button

    The Kumo comes with buttons and a dial which allow you to adjust the intensity and strength of your massage. The dial controls the massage rollers while the buttons regulate the air pressure.

    Benefit: No need to get up and look at the touch screen interface: sit back, relax, and easily adjust on the fly!


    Space-Saving Design

    Fujimedic Kumo space saving design

    The Kumo massage chair doesn't take up a lot of space. It can easily fit in into any kind of room because of how compact it is. The chair slides forward when it reclines and you will not need more than 5" of space behind the backrest.

    Benefit: Awesome for home decor!


    Exceptional Overall Design

    Fujimedic Kumo 4D massage chair design

    The Kumo has a stunning design. The chair comes with a supple PU leather upholstery, aluminium plated accents and Kumo’s unique trim.

    Benefits: Be the talk of the town with this beautiful chair!


    Chromotherapy and Bluetooth Speakers

    jpmedics kumo music bluetooth

    Benefit: So your skin radiates with glow and positive energy. LED light therapy is recommended for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging benefits, and anyone wanting to restore the skin's radiance. As for the bluetooth speakers: well we can tell you that receiving a massage while listening to your favorite music takes the experience to the next level. Seriously, you'll be tempted to stay on the Kumo massage chair for hours. 


    Manufacturer JPMedics
    Country of Manufacture Japan
    Roller Type 4D
    Roller Length 49"
    Roller Track Type L-Track
    Roller Width Adjustment Yes
    Roller Glute Massage Yes
    Roller Speed Adjustment Yes
    Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
    Removable Back Pad Yes
    Body Scan Technology Yes
    Foot Rollers Yes
    Recline Power
    Zero Gravity Yes
    Inversion Therapy No
    Auto Programs 12 Automatic Programs
    Stretch Program Yes
    Deep Tissue Massage Yes
    Massage Techniques Knead, Tap, Swedish, Clap, Shiatsu, and Rolling
    Manual Programs Yes
    Spot/Partial Massage Yes
    Memory Setting Yes
    Vibration No
    Heat Heated Rollers, Knee
    Total Airbags 64
    Air Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Hip and Thigh, Seat, Upper Arm and Shoulder
    Airbag Intensity Adjustments Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic
    Hideaway Ottoman No
    Timer Setting 5 to 30 Minutes
    MP3 Player No
    Remote Type Tablet Remote
    Chromotherapy Yes
    Upholstery Synthetic Leather
    Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 62.2" x 33.1" x 47.6"
    Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 77.2" x 33.1" x 41.3"
    Height Range 5'0" - 6'3"
    Recommended Weight (lbs) 265lbs.
    Weight 276lbs
    Warranty 3 Year Full Coverage Warranty
    Big Box Size (L" x W" x H") 57.5" x 30.3" x 39.4"
    Big Box Contents Back and Base
    Small Box Size (L" x W" x H") 50" x 14.6" x 26", 22.4" x 19.3" x 23.6"
    Small Box Contents Footrest, Legrest
    Shipping Weight 322lbs.



    JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair Warranty

    The Free 5 Year Warranty is broken down into the following:

    3 Year Full Coverage Manufacturers Warranty

    This manufacturers warranty includes In-Home Service, Parts, & Labor for 3 (three) years at no cost to the customer.

    2 Year Extended Warranty

    The 2 Year Extended warranty extends the In-Home Service, Parts, & Labor for an additional 2 (two) years for a total of 5 years.

    If you need service on your JPMedics Massage Chair call their Customer Service at 1-877-977-0656

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