Luraco Legend PLUS L-Track Massage Chair

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Luraco Legend PLUS L-Track Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair
  • Estimated Arrival: Between Apr 01 and Apr 10. * ETA for USA only

    Luraco Legend PLUS L-Track Massage Chair

    Key Benefits

    • L-Track Massage
    • Quad Roller
    • Zero Gravity 
    • Lumbar Heat Therapy
    • Reflexology Foot Rollers
    • Ultimate Calf Massage
    • Rhythm Technique Massage
    • Advanced Body Scanning
    • Four-Wheel Massage Mechanism
    • Bluetooth Technology
    • Airbag Compression Therapy
    • Chromotherapy Lights


    l track infinity
    The Kyota Genki M380's L-track pushes the chair’s quad rollers from head to thighs, ensuring that you receive an encompassing spa-quality massage.

    Zero Gravity

    zero gravity
    Zero gravity positioning raises your knees above your heart, which allows the spine to decompress, provides a feeling of weightlessness, and maximizes the effects of the massage rollers.

    Rhythm Technique

    infinity altera music rhythm
    We take relaxing to a whole new level! Choose this option to sync your massage to the rhythm of your music.

    Bluetooth Technology

    infinity altera music
    Immersive speakers found in the headrest connect to Apple® or Android™ devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy music, guided meditations, ambient soundscapes, and any other form of audio to enhance the mental experience of your massage.

    Foot Roller Reflexology

    infinity altera foot rollers
    Replicating thumb and finger techniques of reflexology, the Genki's foot rollers target vital pressure points on the feet that link to other areas of the body.

    Ultimate Calf Massage

    Kyota calf massage

    Lumbar Heat

    infinity altera lumber heat therapy
    Heating modules located in the back of the chair provide a soothing sensation as well as loosen your muscles to better prepare your body for the upcoming massage.

    Body Scanning

    infinity-altera body scan
    Body scanning technology ensures that the massage rollers pin=point all of your unique pressure points by adjusting the position of the rollers and tailoring them to your own body.

    Four-Wheel Massage Mechanism

    infinity altera quad roller 4 wheel rollers
    The Genki provides pressurized massage strokes with 4 high-tech rollers that methodically knead out the tension in muscles.

    Airbag Compression Therapy

    infinity altera airbags compression
    The Genki's airbags located throughout the chair that inflate and deflate to provide a sensational massage on the muscles that feels like real human hands.
    Manufacturer Kyota
    Country of Manufacture China
    Roller Type 2D
    Roller Length 43"
    Roller Track Type L-Track
    Roller Width Adjustment Yes
    Roller Glute Massage Yes
    Roller Speed Adjustment Yes
    Roller Intensity Adjustment No
    Removable Back Pad Yes
    Body Scan Technology Yes
    Foot Rollers Yes
    Recline Manual
    Zero Gravity 1 Position
    Inversion Therapy No
    Auto Programs 11 Automatic Programs
    Stretch Program No
    Deep Tissue Massage No
    Massage Techniques Kneading, Tapping, Kneading with Tapping, Shiatsu, and Knocking
    Manual Programs Yes
    Spot/Partial Massage Yes
    Memory Setting Yes
    Vibration No
    Heat Lumbar
    Total Airbags 24
    Air Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Hip and Thigh, Upper Arm and Shoulder
    Airbag Intensity Adjustments Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment Manual
    Hideaway Ottoman No
    Timer Setting 10 to 30 Minutes
    MP3 Player Yes
    Wireless Charging No
    USB Charging Yes
    Remote Type Slim LCD Remote
    Chromotherapy Yes
    Upholstery Synthetic Leather
    Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 46" x 30" x 57"
    Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 74" x 30" x 40"
    Distance to Wall 2"
    Height Range 5'0" - 6'5"
    Recommended Weight (lbs) 300lbs.
    Weight 255
    Warranty 4 Year Limited Warranty



    Kyota covers their Massage Chairs with a 4 Year Limited Warranty. This includes In Home Service with Labor for 1 year, Parts for 2 years, and Structural Framework for 4 years.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great chair, great quality!

    Luraco has really impressed me. All the chairs are made in USA and the quality is unmatched. Luraco Legend has gotten so many program options and settings, it really fits customized to your body. Great chair!