Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair

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Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair
Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair
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    Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair

    Comes with Free Synca Wellness 3 Year Warranty ($299 Value) & Free White Glove Delivery & Installation Option ($500 Value)

    Key Benefits

    • Feel Extreme Comfort

      • 4D Massage Rollers
      • Zero Gravity Massage
      • Ergonomic Massage Posture
      • Heat Therapy
      • Dual Massage Head System
      • Advanced Air Compression 
      • 13 Automatic Programs
    • Personalized for your Body

      • Advanced Body Scan
      • Easy Access Remote Control
    • Perfect for Home Decor

      • Clean Linens & Durable Materials
      • Bluetooth Sound System
      • Adjustable Footrest

    Our Experts' Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair Review

    Mana Nickname: The Relaxation Station

    The Synca Kagra Massage Chair is the result of incredible design meeting health and wellness. The Kagra is one of the highest performing chairs on the market, with an incredibly relaxing and customizable 4D experience. The massage chair ensures that the deepest and hardest to reach muscles in your body are extremely relaxed with its 4D massage capability, combined with its body scan that ensures that the massage is tailored and adjusted to your specific body. What we love about this chair is that its not just a massage chair. The footrest is such that it can easily adjust and look like a very stylish and modern ottoman (recliner), basically look like a "normal" yet sexy chair in your living room. Even sitting in the Kagra without the massage is extremely relaxing because of its incredibly cushioning Japanese material. 4D massage chairs are usually expensive, but the Kagra delivers an outstanding value for money with its relatively low price.

    We recommend this chair to anyone looking to make health, wellness, and long-term physical fitness and relaxation a daily part of their lives. This chair is bound to give your household years of happiness and health. We highly recommend this long-term investment in your life. 

    4D Massage Rollers

    The Synca JP1100 comes with 4D massage rollers that can move up, down, left, right, in, out and provide custom speed, intensity, and adjustable heat levels. 

    Benefit: Feel the love wherever the rollers touch! 4D ensure the most human like experience possible. 


    Zero Gravity Massage 

    Synca Kagra zero gravity massage chair

    The zero gravity position was developed by NASA - the chair reclines to the point where your entire body weight is supported. This puts your body in the perfect position to relax and makes the massage more effective. This position has been proven to reduce back pain, reduce swelling, improve breathing, decompress the spine, and enhance your overall health.

    Benefit: Get major health benefits with the scientifically backed best position for relaxation!

    Ergonomic Massage Posture

    Synca Kagra ergonomic massage position

    The Kagra comes with an armrest and footrest with a backrest decline function. This puts your body in an ergonomic massage posture such that your body has maximum contact with the massage surface. This way, the rollers have a wider area to work on for a full body massage.

    Benefit: Empower yourself to maintain a healthy posture!


    Heat Therapy

    Synca kagra heat therapy

    The Synca Kagra 4D massage chair comes with heat pads to keep the whole body warm and cozy during a massage. The heat function empowers you to keep your entire body warm while the massage rollers energize your fatigue muscles and rejuvenate your whole body. This extends from the shoulders to the back to the calves and feet, so no part of the body is left out of the heat therapy.

    Benefit: Feel the warmth to relax your entire body! 


    Dual Massage Head System

    Synca kagra dual head system

    The dual head system enables a deeper, more intense and precise massage that will penetrate the tissues and soothe the muscles. You can adjust the intensity and strength too to give you the optimal head relaxation.

    Benefit: Feel a deep, intense, and powerful massage that rejuvenates your head. 

    Advanced Air Compression

    The Synca Kagra covers your body with 31 airbags placed all over the chair in the shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, calves and feet. The airbags use a Pulse Air Massage system which stimulate the muscle fibres during a massage. The airbags, through the inflating and deflating action can also help to relieve tension in the muscles and improve circulation in the body. They also help keep the massage fun and exciting!

    Benefit: Feel the love all over your body, a truly full body experience!


    13 Automatic Programs

    The Synca Kagra comes with 13 automatic massage  programs, which include 6 traditional massage programs, 5 innovative stretch programs and 2 special programs, and a music sync program. There are also 3 memory programs designed to allow you craft your own massage course with your preferred techniques. The broad range of automatic programs and the memory programs puts you in control of the type of massage you get whenever you lie down of the massage chair. They are also all medically proven to deliver a wide range of health benefits that can revitalize and rejuvenate the body.

    Benefit: No matter where it aches, at least one of these medically proven 13 programs will hit the perfect spot.


    Advanced Body Scan 

    Synca kagra body scan

    The Synca Kagra massage chair is equipped with smart sensor technology that scans and customizes the massage to fit your body.

    Benefit: Make sure the massage is tailored to your unique body!


    Finger Tip Controls

    Synca kagra fingertip control

    You can customize your massage on the fly without even having to look at the touch screen interface. Just sit back, relax, and slightly adjust the intensity of your massage with a simple touch of your finger without even having to move your arms. 

    Benefit: Easy, simple, fun to use!



    Easy Access Remote Control

    Synca Kagra remote control

    Benefit: So you can control your massage at the tip of your fingertips. The simple remote control ensures that controlling your massage is as easy as possible.  


    Clean Linens & Durable Materials

    The Synca Kagra is manufactured using with premium materials that ensure the chair stays in awesome shape for years to come.

    Benefit: So you feel healthy and happy with the Kagra for years and years. 

    Bluetooth Sound System

    Synca kagra music bluetooth system

    The headrest of the massage chair is fitted with bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite songs or podcast once a smart device is connected to the chair. You will also find a unique storage pocket where you can place your phone or tablet while you enjoy your massage.

    Benefit: Easily listen to your favorite audio to enhance your massage!


    Adjustable Footrest

    Synca kagra adjustable footrest

    The Synca Kagra 4D massage chair comes with an adjustable footrest and multifunctional ottoman capable of rotating on its axis. The footrest can not only be used to deliver a calf and foot massage, it can also be flipped to a recliner and shaped to accommodate users of different body types and heights. Beyond delivering massages, the ottoman help save space in your room.

    Benefit: Amazing living room decor!


    Manufacturer Synca Wellness
    Country of Manufacture Japan
    Roller Type 4D
    Roller Length 30"
    Roller Track Type S-Track
    Roller Width Adjustment Yes
    Roller Glute Massage No
    Roller Speed Adjustment Yes
    Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
    Removable Back Pad Yes
    Body Scan Technology Yes
    Foot Rollers Acupoint Nodes
    Recline Power
    Zero Gravity Yes
    Inversion Therapy No
    Auto Programs 13 Automatic Programs
    Stretch Program Yes
    Deep Tissue Massage Yes
    Massage Techniques 78 Massage Techniques
    Manual Programs Yes
    Spot/Partial Massage Yes
    Memory Setting Yes
    Vibration No
    Heat Calf, Foot, Front, Hand
    Total Airbags 31
    Air Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Hip and Thigh, Seat, Upper Arm and Shoulder
    Airbag Intensity Adjustments Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic
    Hideaway Ottoman Yes
    Timer Setting 5 to 30 Minutes
    MP3 Player Yes
    Remote Type Slim LCD Remote
    Chromotherapy No
    Upholstery Synthetic Leather
    Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 53.1" x 35.0" x 48.4"
    Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 73.6" x 35.0" x 36.6"
    Height Range 5'0" - 6'2"
    Recommended Weight (lbs) 300lbs.
    Weight 211.6lbs
    Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
    Big Box Size (L" x W" x H") 63" x 30.3" x 41.7"
    Small Box Size (L" x W" x H") Not Applicable
    Small Box Contents Not Applicable
    Shipping Weight 259lbs.

    Synca Wellness 3 Year Warranty

    Synca Wellness covers the Kagra with a 3 Year Warranty that includes 3 years on Parts, 3 Years on Labor, and 3 years of structural framework.

    If you need service on your Synca Wellness Massage Chair, please call their Customer Service at 1-877-217-2862.


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