Massage Chairs at Costco vs Mana Massage Chairs!

Found a Massage Chair at Costco you like? We'll Price Match it and Much More! 

The other day, we were brainstorming on how we can make buying a massage chair online even easier and more convenient for you. We did some research, and learnt that many customers buy massage chairs at Costco. 

This got us thinking: Costco is a huge company, how can we give our customers even more value than Costco!?

Our team went out on a mission: Learn everything about the Costco massage chair buying experience. 

We love Costco, and our team has bought products from Costco throughout our lives, but we love our customers more. Mana means "spirit & energy" in Hawaiian, and we're serious about always focusing on our mission: to feed your mana with happiness, health, and power. 

Here's how we thought we can provide even more value to our customers through Mana Massage Chairs:

  • Lower Massage Chair Prices so You can Save More Money*

Along with our all inclusive online price match guarantee, we decided to provide a price match guarantee on any massage chair from Costco. What's even better is that we often have massage chairs on sale and special discounts that will enable you to save even more. 

  • Larger Selection so You can Make an Informed Decision

We realized that Costco has a small selection of massage chairs (just 11 at the time of this blog). We offer a much larger massage chair selection with a deeper knowledge of each chair to make sure you find the right chair for your needs. 

  • Expert Massage Chair Reviews so You can Make a Safe Decision

We noticed that Costco only has the manufacturer's description on their massage chairs. We provide an honest and unbiased expert massage chair review for every chair we got. Let's be honest, Costco is a huge company with millions of products. They can't review every single product they sell... but we can, and believe that our reviews are one of the biggest reasons customers choose to buy from us.

Another edge we got is that we only sell the best massage chairs based on our expert reviews and customer feedback. Wait... are you wondering why we don't have any bad reviews on Mana Massage Chairs? That's simple.... massage chairs with bad reviews don't last too long in the Mana ecosystem. We only partner with the best brands that promise to provide the most comfortable chairs with dedicated customer service. 

  • Dedicated Customer Service so You can get Personalized Recommendations 

Costco isn't able to provide expert feedback and dedicated customer service on such specific products. We don't want you to go through 5 automated bots and 3 different departments before reaching your point of contact... only to realized the person you're talking to doesn't know much about massage chairs to begin with. We provide dedicated customer service that's focused on making your experience as easy and seamless as possible.  

  • Flexible Financing so You can Relax Now & Pay Later

We realized that no matter how much you save with us, a massage chair is still a big purchase. We provide you with options such as PayPal Credit and Klarna to ensure you can Buy Now and Pay Later with 0% financing options... your mana is our top priority and we don't want your money situation to get in the way. 

  • Freebies so You can make Happiness & Health a Daily Priority

We decided to provide the option of a Free Hammock, completely on us, with every massage chair you purchase. Why did we do this? We Want to keep encouraging you to prioritize relaxation and keep feeding your mana with happiness and health. We provide this Free Hammock offer to show you our commitment to going above and beyond for you, and hoping that everyone who gets to use the hammock gets to experience joy from it. Simply email us to request a hammock with your purchase and we'll send one your way!

  • Giving Up Short Term Sales For Your Customer Experience

This value is very dear to us. Honestly, we LOSE money on every easy return. Still, we are committed to providing you easy returns, because we want to make buying a massage chair as easy as possible for you. Our experts are there for you. No one at Mana Massage Chair will ever try to up-sell you an expensive chair you don't need. Our return policy gives you options to ensure that you save as much as possible shall you choose to return a product. 


So there you have it folks, those are some of the way we thought we can provide you more value than massage chairs at Costco. However, at Mana Massage Chairs, we have a relentless focus on learning and growth. You are our best tool for learning more. That means, if you have any ideas on how we can continue to provide you even more value than massage chairs at Costco, or just more value in general, please connect with us. 

Just a side note, we seriously do love Costco, and have nothing against them! Costco has made all our lives easier for a very long time. We just genuinely believe that specifically for massage chairs, Mana Massage Chairs has the knowledge, resources, team, and expertise to give you an even better experience when you buy a massage chair. 


* To Price Match any chair at Costco, Contact Us and provide the name of the chair you'd like to price match

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