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Great chair, great quality!

Luraco has really impressed me. All the chairs are made in USA and the quality is unmatched. Luraco Legend has gotten so many program options and settings, it really fits customized to your body. Great chair!

Really Loved it!

I absolutely love the heating options of this chair, it really relaxes your muscles in such a soothing way. The flipping footrest is a really handy feature, since we can just flip the calf massager over to look like a normal chair whenever guests come over. I strongly recommend this chair!

Great, Just a Bit Too Loud

We love this chair as does the whole family, children included! The only problem so far is the noise it makes os a bit loud, so it doesn’t lend itself to a quiet experience of comfort. 👎🏻 Other than that it would be 5 stars.


My husband has always had a bad back so we wanted to get a chair for awhile, but we don't have space for one of those big, bulky massage chairs. When I found this one, we had to get it! I can't believe how good of a massage it gives for being such a small chair and fits perfect in our house. Both my husband and I are impressed


I AM 6'2'' 200 lbs and this chair fit me perfectly. I was shocked how easy to set up and operate. Living in a small apartment I never thought a could have such a great chair. Highly recommended.


Love the small footprint, heat option, multiple settings, great price point. Best of all, when I had a problem with the on/off switch, the company replaced the whole chair - great customer service!


I bought this and the Japanese one they sell, my wife loves the low back and hip massage on this.


I have to say i received the best customer service yesterday from everyone on this team, especially Nicolas Beese! Returned my call, emails and followed up promptly too. They were so helpful and courteous in helping me find the correct model # , part # and pricing for my massage chair. I am so impressed that im actually taking the time to write this so they get the recognition so well deserved. This is how customer service should be everywhere. This is the kind of company that others should model. KUDOS to your whole team and thank you so much for rekindling my faith that customer service has not completely fallen by the way side.


I have owned my CirC Chair for a year and absolutely LOVE it. I have it in a small space in our master bedroom in front of the TV and we use it daily. It is such a small footprint and you can fit it just about anywhere. It gives you a great massage and rejuvenates you after a stressful day. The only downside to it is it keeps the traffic flow high in our bedroom- the kids come in all too often to use it. There's NO better chair out there at this incredible price point. You will not regret buying this chair.


This chair is much better than I hoped for! Finding a quality massage chair in this price range is not easy. It was delivered inside of my house and was very light and easy to move around. Everyone compliments on how nice it looks in the living room. It is small but it can fit anyone! I love the heat feature! It's perfect for reading, working on the laptop, watching T.V., or simply relaxing. It's also very simple to use which is nice. Best chair for the money!


I love this chair since its back massage is top notch and its so quiet, tons of features, I use the bluetooth speakers more than I thought I would.


After this chair gets done with your back and neck you feel like you have melted into the chair. The best part of this chair is my wife doesn't complain about a space ship looking chair. I can flip the legs around and use it like an ottoman. They also don't stick out into the middle of the room.


We are loving our new Kagra massage chair. Such great options from light to deep massage and from full body to targeted areas! We have three, hockey-playing boys who are hard on their bodies and we've acknowledged that getting older isn't easy on their parents. We decided we needed to make taking care of bodies a priority. This chair is perfect for the whole family!


This is the quietest, most relaxing massage chair


I have used this chair several times in a local back care store. I've ordered it and it hasn't even come in yet, but I'm in love! For me, the turning point was the separate shoulder sensor, which detects where my neck and shoulder meet. Having detected where my shoulders lie, the chair proceeded to perform a shoulder and upper back massage that was truly better than any human masseuse. It even knew where my shoulder blades were and wrapped the massage down and out around those bones. It was heavenly. Handy tip: there are numerous programs and options within programs, and the remote control doesn't have great descriptions of the amazing functionality of the chair. Print out and laminate the charts in the user manual that display what can be adjusted in each massage, from both the auto massage and the manual massage menus. Now if only my chair would arrive today...


I love that this chair doesn't look huge for for it being a full size chair. The sides come in a bit and it visually looks more trim so you're getting a large full size chair but it doesn't look like those giant spaceship chairs.


I bought this chair for my husband who has struggled with back and neck pain since his high school football days. Now, long days at a desk are killing him and he is a wreck when he gets home. We have had simpler chairs in the past and this is our 3rd massage chair. All I can say is that this chair is like no other I have experienced. It took us a little while, but once we learned about all the manual techniques (pages and pages of them), this chair is the best thing I have ever purchased. There is NEVER a time where we can't find an advanced movement to get in to our tight areas. Our past chair was strong but often hurt, this chair is super strong but seems to never hurt. I am guessing it is a different level of programming as it really does hit all the right areas. I know it was expensive, but compared to our older $4000 chair, the cost is not a factor now. Thanks Synca!


This chair is one of a kind, I have had the chair for a few months now and I still haven't tried all the different functions of the chair. It really seems endless. I had some questions about usage. The service department was really patient with me and stayed on the phone for about 40 min explaining in detail about my chair.


I have had this chair for just under a year, and it has been the best decision I have ever made. I spend all day on my feet and I use my chair every night to help alleviate my pain. I was spending a ton of time and money going to get massages, and this chair has paid for itself and then some. I would highly recommend this chair to anyone!

Perfect for relaxing, better than all others

Love our Fujita massage chair! I have seen competitors’ chairs and have tried them, but the Fujita chair is much better!

Perfect for relaxing, better than all others

Love our Fujita massage chair! I have seen competitors’ chairs and have tried them, but the Fujita chair is much better!


We are so happy with this chair! My husband has two bad discs in his back, does cortisone shots and it looked like he was headed for surgery. He always feels better after a massage and we had an old massage chair that was painful to use. We tried a ton of different chairs, including Human Touch, Inada and Osaki. We needed something strong enough for him but customizable so I can turn off any features I don't like. One really expensive chair actually hurt my legs. I can turn the legs function off in the Kagra. I also love the heat, it feels great. My husband uses the chair every day, and has been playing tennis again and doesn't have to wear his back brace every day. There is a slight learning curve using the chair because it has so many functions and is so customizable. But once you figure it out it's awesome. We had a great experience buying this massage chair from Johnson fitness and wellness. We spent several hours in the store trying different chairs and Barry was extremely helpful, super nice and authentic, no pressure. After purchasing the chair, Nick, the massage chair expert, was extremely helpful and texted me immediately and even spoke on the phone to answer some questions. We had a problem with the heating pad on the chair (probably our fault) and Nick is sending out a replacement part in the mail ASAP. These guys are the best!


I look forward to getting off work showering and then wind down and watch the news or play the game... Shortly after the news is watching me Zzzzzzzz


Finally a massage chair with a great massage! Have always loved the bigger massage chairs but never had the room for them. My husband is 6'2" and it still fits him very well. I love how the L-track massages my sciatic area. Fits the perfect small space we have in our bedroom. Everyone who sees the chair loves the look and the feel.

i7 Review

The massage itself is fantastic. It goes from the base of your skull down to the bottom of your back near your tail bone. It will knead your neck area and shoulder areas. It kneads, taps, and stretches your back out. It works the muscles all down the spine. There is a great fast vibration mode in many of the programs. The air bags inflate and squeeze your thighs and calves. There are rollers in the feet that work over the bottoms of your feet. Air bags massage the ankle and foot area. Air bags squeeze and massage your arms. Airbags press down on your shoulder muscles. When it stretches you, the air bags grab your feet and stretch your legs out. Then they pin your shoulders while it stretches your back out. The seat oscillates side to side and exercises the hip area subtly. The chair is very quiet while operating. You could have it in a TV room and barely know it was on. There are 9 automatic programs: My favorite is the morning program. It is a very nice combination of stretching and massage. Whenever I come home from a long day at work with my back hurting, that's the one I do. I feel great afterward. Now the coolest thing: If you choose to customize your massage settings, you can just store it. That's it. No body scan needed.

Since buying my i7 I have gained flexibility and loosened up a bit so that I can easily reach down and pick things up off the ground and in general I feel good. Before, if I worked a bunch of hours over several days in a row, it used to take two or three days before my back felt good again. Now I just pop into the chair at the end of the day. It makes me feel great.